Boot to black (Not a metal song)

sounds like a plan. :+1:

your machine names crack me up, does frank ever get jealous of tiamat? possibly acting out for attention? :thinking:



Tiamat is a very well behaved machine (I just cursed myself you know). It has to deal with Windows dual boot with Manjaro. I do spend a lot of time on Frank though. It's my music and forums surfing compooter. Maybe there is some jealousy going on there... :thinking:

They sit quite close together so maybe Tiamat is reaching out with EM waves tainting Frank.

I think Craptop is clueless about all of it though. It just derps away happily on it's little stand. Derp-de Derp. :crazy_face:


PSU test successful. No issues. Solid as a rock.
Mobo checked out fine. No crap caps, nothing.

I have no idea. It's probably a hardware issue I'm missing. Soooo.....

I've been waffling on upgrading Frank for a while now. I finally did it.
Just ordered a new Asrock B450 mobo, Ryzen 2600, 16G of DDR4 3000 Corsair ram, and a 500G WD SSD (Not m.2). Tiny bit overkill for this machine but pfft.

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sound like your replacing frank rather than updating him. better sleep with one eye open :eye:, that frank sounds spiteful :wink:


Same case, same GPU, same..uh... PSU. It's an upgrade!

Yeah, it's an up-placement. This was always meant to be temporary but I just got lazy.
And holy cow, Amazon is overnighting it. :partying_face:

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Also, thank you @dglt & @Aragorn for diving into the weird problem waters with me.

I'm a little disappointed in not knowing wtf is going on but it might just be one of those weird hardware flukes. Or it could very well be that BIOS bug and some ACPI change has made it freak out. I don't know.

I hope I didn't waste anyone's time.
Thank you both for your time, patience, and knowledge, as always. :purple_heart:


looks like maybe everything is sorted now...

but rando-after-update-behavior I might have suggested looking for pacnews and such.
pacdiff -o
will tell you if you have any
[then theres some better guides on forum and wiki]


Sorted is a strong word I think. Gave up really. :rofl:

btw, pacdiff -o

$ pacdiff -o

Also, I'm still open to ideas. If this issue can be found and doesn't turn out to be a hardware thing but some mis-configuration.
I can use this as a 4th computer! :partying_face:


what shall we call this new system? may i suggest Abzû , give Tiamat something to do :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It's not an issue.
It means the Ati driver failed. It's using the amdgpu. You read the : as -> Example... FAILED: ati
Means the ati driver failed.

I have no idea what your issue is. And you shouldn't use my thread to post about it. You should make a thread if you are having issues.

sorry, my bad

No worries. :wink:

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Sorry I was.late to the party.
I answered at the Update topic


For the moment it's back to being intermittent again. How annoying is that?

The next time it does it, I'm guessing next kernel update, I'll use your 0 setting to check.

Btw, I'm still on linux53.

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where is this setting?

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The default menu entry. This may be a number, in which case it identifies the Nth entry in the generated menu counted from zero, or the title of a menu entry, or the special string ‘saved’. Using the id may be useful if you want to set a menu entry as the default even though there may be a variable number of entries before it.
For example, if you have:

    menuentry 'Example GNU/Linux distribution' --class gnu-linux --id example-gnu-linux {

then you can make this the default using:


Previously it was documented the way to use entry title. While this still works it’s not recommended since titles often contain unstable device names and may be translated
If you set this to ‘saved’, then the default menu entry will be that saved by ‘GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT’ or grub-set-default. This relies on the environment block, which may not be available in all situations (see Environment block).
The default is ‘0’.

FromGrub manual.

I am sure @tbg has created a relevant tutorial.


ok, i wasnt sure. when i checked my grub config i seen GRUB_DEFAULT=saved which is what it was already set to. i got confused when you mentioned changing from "last boot" to "0" . :sweat_smile:


Sorry... I'm typing on Android from a beach... :sunglasses::beach_umbrella:


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