Boot stops at grub screen on USB

So I have been trying on and off for a couple weeks, I have never had this issue. But I create a USB i’ve done it for image writer, rufus, etcher, dd from command line… I get the same result every time.

I start machine, the selection screen comes up from USB then it goes to a black screen and doesn’t come back… I tested this on endevour OS also… I don’t know if it’s an arch thing. But I can burn an iso from any other base than arch and all works good.

Anyone have any idea what this could be. PC is a system76 galago ultra pro… have had Manjaro on here multiple times in the past… but in the past month can’t even get to the live environment.


Which Manjaro version do you use ?

I literally just downloaded the latest Gnome version from Manjaro website.

Can you use the Architect installer to check, which kernel version works ?

I can try, I just find it odd. It’s a system76 laptop, I have never had a version of Linux not load on it.