Boot problems after cancellation of update


Hi there,

I recently was updating my manjaro installation but had to cancel the update process. Now I can’t boot into the OS anymore. Same problem for the Fallback Kernel. It stucks here:

Would be thankfully for a hint, how to fix it.


Hi. See this guide


Hi kainonergon,

thanks for the reply. I have used chroot before. But my question now is, how to fix the error, or even understand what is causing manjaro not to boot any more.


A recent update caused a number of people serious problems if it was interrupted. Often this was able to be corrected if the update could be completed successfully. The idea here is to chroot into your system so you can complete the update.


Thanks for the hints. I am now again in the live system trying to fix it. So I did:

sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt
sudo mhwd-chroot /mnt

Another Terminal window pops up: root@manjaro:/ and says:

[manjaro /]#

So I am trying here to

[manjaro /]# sudo pacman -Syyu

But I am wondering that I am not asked to login to my existing installation. Do I not need to enter my password for the existing installation as I have to do it, when doing something using root?


After chroot you have root access to chrooted system, so no sudo is needed inside chroot shell. Usually root access is indicated by “#” in prompt.


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