Boot Loader on USB drive

After breaking my Manjaro install after messing around with Windows 11 and TPM/Secure Boot. I decided to go for a full re-install as I couldn’t rescue the install. For some reason I now have a different setup with regards Grub.

I have Manjaro installed on a USB SSD plugged into an internal USB header. I used to boot it by selecting the drive from the motherboards drive selector. Now with this install It put Grub onto the USB drive but when I start the PC it boots to Grub. It didn’t do this before and I don’t really want this behavior. I want Windows to boot unless I select F12 and choose to boot from the Manjaro drive. Does anyone know how I can change this? Failing that how can I configure Grub so I can have Windows as the default entry?

I have managed to fix this myself. It seems when I installed Manjaro it changed the boot order in my BIOS and the drive with Manjaro became the default drive. I’ve now changed this and all is good.

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