Boot issue Manjaro 21.0.2 KDE Plasma

Hi manjaro community!
Today When I started my manjaro the screen was stuck on /dev/sda2: clean, XXXXXX/XXXXXXX files, XXXXXX/XXXXXXX Blocks.
I dont know how to fix it and its about 3 hours stuck on that screen!
Please help me i have some important apps and files to backup and i dont want to use live cd to do that.
If you have the slightest information, please write down there.

Hello @bardiarajabi :wink:

That is just for information, that the filesystem check went well.

Edit the boot loader entry and remove quiet from the kernel parameter there. Then you will see more.

Can you switch to another TTY? CTRL+ALT+F3 ?

Hi @megavolt
Thanks for replying.
Do you mean ctrl+alt+F2?
If yes then i can login to my user with ctrl+alt+f2
I removed quiet in past and my system was stuck on [OK] Reached target Graphical Interface
Also every service started [OK]