Boot Failure


I have the random issue where I boot up my computer, and I get hit with the motherboard splash screen. I cannot do anything from that point on, not even kernel shortcuts for shutting it down work. I have to manually shutdown the power supply and reboot the hard way for it to work. That points out the other fact that it only happens on occasion, maybe on every other boot up. I have a good feeling it has to do with the graphics driver but I can’t be sure. Here’s an example (the green bar is the same every time):

I’m using the proprietary nvidia drivers also.


try pressing one of the cursor keys repeatedly. it may be the entropy on your system has been flushed and needs to rebuild. if this works then once you have booted the system run the following command to have an entropy daemon automatically fill it for you and speed up boot.

sudo systemctl enable haveged --now


I experienced something similar the other day. Reseating the video card fixed it.


After a successful boot (after a crashed one) check the logs and add some system info

inxi -FGxxxz
mhwd -li
journalctl -b -1 -p3
journalctl -b -p3
grep -E "Time:" /var/log/Xorg.?.*
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old | grep -E "(EE)|(WW)|failed|Time:"