Boot/efi. doesn't look like an EFI partition

I’m trying to install Manjaro 20.2.1 alongside my windows 10. I have four partitions, all NTFS and I go with the first option in the install launcher which is installing alongside. I split my sda1 which is the drive C on Windows and everything looks fine. The install launcher also says that I have a UEFI and MBR partition table. Installation goes smoothly until installing the bootloader comes up and it stops with the error boot/efi. doesn’t look like an EFI partition.
Shouldn’t the process of making a boot partition be automatic in my case? and If I’m about to do it manually what should I do for UEFI/mbr?

I’m not saying it doesn’t boot, it doesn’t install the bootloader in the first place.

…that doesn’t play well together, please Read The Fantastic Manjaro-User-Guide page 43,
or the Fantastic Tutorial from @linux-aarhus .

that means you have lost 5h to read my link before