Bluetooth "Visible" keeps turning itself off

I go into Bluetooth settings and tick the “Visible” box.

After a while, after a restart or after a transfer, this keeps turning itself off without my intervention.

Is this a bug or design? I want it to stay permanently visible.

That is by design.

Bluetooth devices (On all platforms I’m aware of! Not only Linux, but Android, Windows, MacOS, … as well) will only stay visible for about 2 minutes at a time to allow for new pairing.

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Do you know of anyway to override this? Surely something controls the timeout etc.

The connection timeout is defined in the Bluetooth module of the Linux kernel (L2CAP_CONN_TIMEOUT) and there is no way to change it in user-space without becoming a kernel developer. :scream:

This is by design as Strit already said and is for security purposes as a Bluetooth device without pin-code or password can be paired with by any device in Bluetooth range and maybe you misunderstand what these mean:

  • Enabled: any already paired child device can connect to the parent device
  • visible: Any child device can start pairing to the parent device.

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