Bluetooth toggle on/off does not show in quick settings(DE-->KDE)



Hi guys! So I have the problem that my Manjaro KDE does not show any Bluetooth adapters in the quick settings(will post a screenshot do define what I mean with quick settings), but if I search-type “Bluetooth” I get to the system settings where I can enable my Bluetooth adapter and connect to devices. It works, but the convenience is just not there, if someone has any idea on how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it!


It says “No adapters found”, so it is not possible to turn off/on the adapter, when it’s not there.


Yes but the adapter is found in the system settings…

And when I turn it on the same issue still persists within the quick settings, meaning it shows as if no adapter would have been found


Does it actually turn on when you press “turn on”?


Yes, and I can connect with all my devices, just not through that panel listet in OP, it really freaks me out :expressionless:


Have you tried re-installing the applet?


Hm. I also noticed my applet sometimes does not register an adapter. Maybe I should look in system settings next time that happens.


Not really, how exactly do I reinstall it


I don’t’t know what DE your on, and I don’t’t use Bluetooth. So your guess would probably be better than mine.

Why don’t you try doing a search in your package manager with Bluetooth as a search term.


KDE, thanks, I am sure I can find it somehow :wink: