Bluetooth support for the Cinnamon DE

I’m running Manjaro with KDE Plasma 5. I decided I hadn’t seen the Cinnamon desktop environment in several years, but it got good reviews on the Untitled Linux Show, a podcast by

I successfully installed it and now on logging in I can choose KDE Plasma, KDE Plasma (Wayland), Cinnamon, Cinnamon (Software rendering).

I am inside Cinnamon, but have no utility installed that woulld enable me to use bluetooth controls. When I open a menu and type “bluetooth” I get nothing, but if I am inside KDE Plasma and do the search for Bluetooth I access to a bluetooth setup utility.

So if I want to use my bluetooth earbuds in Cinnamon, I have to logout and login to KDE Plasma. I’d like to change that.

I think you have to manually add the applet.
The graphical frontend of the bluetooth stack could be blueman.

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That did it. Thanks. sudo pacman -S blueman

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