Bluetooth seems unreliable - new linux user

I’m finding bluetooth to be very patchy on boot or after suspend/resume for my bluetooth mouse.

If i cold boot the laptop with the mouse turned on, the mouse won’t work until i turn the mouse off then on again.

If i close the lid to suspend then resume the laptop, bluetooth flat out does not work. i have to turn off bluetooth using the keyboard function keys then turn it back on to get the mouse to work.

Any ideas, i’ve done a bit of googling but haven’t found anything useful.

The hardware is a Lenovo Thinkpad A285 (an AMD 2700u version) with an Intel 9260 wifi/BT card, mouse is a microsoft mobile mouse 3600.

The same mouse connected to my steamdeck (which is based on Manjaro i think) does not have these same issues despite having very similar hardware.

Not even there?