Bluetooth pairing a new device doesn't work on Kernel 5.8

Whatever is previously paired works, but new devices fail to pair. If I reboot into kernel 5.4, I can add new devices, then boot back on 5.8 and they will work. It has been like that in all 5.8 versions.

As I understand, 5.8 is a major release, with the largest number of commits in a long time. It is worrying to see such an important release breaking important stuff.

My bluetooth device is reported as:

Bluetooth 9460/9560 Jefferson Peak (JfP)
|Subclass|1|(Radio Frequency)|
|USB Version|2.00||
|Vendor ID|0x8087|(Intel Corp.)|
|Product ID|0xaaa|(Bluetooth 9460/9560 Jefferson Peak (JfP))|
|Speed|12 Mbit/s||
|Max. Packet Size|64||

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And if you pair the new devices in 5.4 kernel for example, does then work on 5.8 kernel too?
What happens if you make the pairing from terminal while in 5.8 kernel?

  • 5.4 is an LTS release whereas 5.8 is not so minor bugs are to be expected in non-LTS releases.
  • If you want to ensure this bug does not eventually find itself into an LTS version, you should file a bug with the kernel team.


Yes, if I pair on 5.4 and reboot into 5.8, it works. I don’t know how to pair from terminal, only from GUI. I doubt it is a GUI issue though.

So that’s your current workaround until the issue gets solved on 5.8 in the future…

(not perfect, but better than nothing and thank you for informing us: we might be able to tell other people to do the same)

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