Bluetooth not seeing devices; Manjaro KDE official

Hey everyone,

This is a long standing issue that comes and goes, but mainly comes to stay :slight_smile:

The laptop in question is an Acer Aspire V15 Nitro and I’ve tried multiple operating systems on it, including non-Arch based. I don’t seem to recall having this issue with Mint a few years ago, but I definitely have had it on three separate fresh installs of Manjaro KDE Plasma (which is my preferred distro/DE combination).

After the fresh install the bluetooth works as expected - on, off, scan for devices, connect to them and further interact, no trouble (although most devices I’ve tried need to be set into pairing mode, otherwise the bluetooth utility doesn’t even see them).

After some time, say a few weeks at best, of usage - the bluetooth stops being able to see devices (including ones that were previously discoverable and in use). Updates, reboots - nothing helps.

I have poked around the interwebs and have made some basic checks - the kernel module enabled, the systemD service running, rfkill list showing no blocks. It all seems fine, yet the adapter cannot find anything.

I think I downloaded this particular iso a week ago, installed, updated and is currently back to problematic state after working a few times.

Here’s some inxi information:

Device-5: 2-10:6 info: Foxconn / Hon Hai type: Bluetooth driver: btusb

Any input appreciated.