Bluetooth Keyboard not working at login screen


I’m trying to get my bluetooth keyboard to work properly at the login screen.
I edited /etc/bluetooth/main.conf so that AutoEnable is set to true, which should make the keyboard be connected after boot.

When I enter the login screen, I notice that my keyboard is connected for a short period, like 2 seconds or so during which I can type my password to login. After that period, the keyboard disconnects. So basically the AutoConnect option seems to work.

In all other situations, my keyboard works as it should…it autoconnects if I turn it on and just does what it should do. It is paired and trusted.

As far as I remember, I have no scripts running which could interfere with bluetooth devices.

I’m using the manjaro-i3 community edition on a Thinkpad T550 with lightdm as greeter. I’m using the bluez and bluez-utils packages.

Did anyone else experience this behaviour? How can I fix this?

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