Bluetooth keyboard keeps disconnecting in Manjaro, but not in Arch

I switched from Arch to Manjaro because I didn’t want to download updates every day.

But my Logitech K380 keyboard keeps disconnecting in Manjaro, and sometimes it doesn’t reconnect, and I have to remove the device and pair it again.

In Arch everything works perfectly.

I’m using bluez-git and blueman in both distros. I have the same main.conf of bluez in both distros.

I’m using a USB Bluetooth adapter.
I have disabled the BT USB auto suspend already.


I know a bit off-topic but you don’t have to update every day - you can but you don’t need to. You can update Arch as unfreqent as Manjaro stable if you want to. Only when security fixes are provided a timely update is recommendable.


That is a disease you will outgrow - I think many of have been there - but as you have learned is that running a computer is more about stability than using the latest and greatest.

Personally I have been running Manjaro on the ‘unstable’ branch for almost as long as I been a Manjaro user which I became early 2016.

That said - check your tlp settings - there is a handy gui in the package tlpui.


Thanks for the tlp suggestion. I copied the tlp.conf to Manjaro. We’ll see.

EDIT: It seems that the issue is solved. For those having the same problem, in TLP try to enable “Devices to start in AC” (check all items), and disable BT autosuspend.

Yeah, I’m more from the Debian side, but I needed the AUR. Manjaro Stable seems like a good compromise.

I doubt that. If you have a lot of AUR packages better use Unstable or Testing branch, you will have less temporary incompatible dependency issues.

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For now, there doesn’t seem to be any problem with dependencies, but I’ll take that into consideration if something arises.


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