Bluetooth keeps losing connectivity for my mouse

I have a Thinkpad T14 and I’m using a Logitech MX Master 3. I keep losing Bluetooth connectivity, even though it says I’m still connected. I have to disable Bluetooth and enable it again. This seems to happen about every ten minutes or so.

Maybe USB suspend is the cause? Take a look at TLP settings. You can install tlpui to navigate options more easily.

Having the same problem with my MX3.
Running the following commands solves it temporary:

sudo modprobe -f -r -v btusb
sleep 5
sudo modprobe -v btusb

Afterwards I have to turn bluetooth on again in the settings and my mouse is able to connect again, until bluetooth crashes (?) again.

Running kernel 5.11.22-2

On an unrelated note: That kernel is EOL you shoud switch to a supported one.