Bluetooth issues after waking the computer from sleep

Note: This issue only occurs after waking the computer from sleep and resolves after rebooting.

The issue

When I click on the Bluetooth icon in the tray, the drawer opens and says “No Devices Found” when it should display the names of the devices I have used in the past. On clicking “Add New Device”, it just scans and never finds anything, while my phone is able to find and connect to the device just fine.

Any actions that might’ve caused this?

  • I’m suspecting if the issue has cropped up after my recent run of pacman -Syyu. I’d run this command (successfully) after pamac was stuck for too long at “Checking file conflicts…” I’m wondering if running that command also carries out firmware upgrades which could’ve caused this.
  • I’d also tweaked some BIOS settings but there was nothing around Bluetooth that I’d changed. The only “network” setting I remember tweaking was disabling “Wake On LAN”. To be sure, I went and enabled it. It (obviously) didn’t solve the problem.


Lenovo X1 Yoga Gen 2

Here, the same issue:

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