[Bluetooth Issue] Issue connecting bluetooth mouse and some bluetooth speakers

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry I’m a bit noob, I’ve looked in the forum and online but the only thing I found was in the old manjaro forum and it’s now unavailable.

I’ve been having some issues connecting some devices on my bluetooth. I managed to connect a true wireless earbuds and a logitech keyboard, and an Apple Magic Trackpad II, but I fail to connect my two logitech mouses and my bluetooth speaker… Btw, I have a hp spectre x360 late 2016 (kaby lake)

Any way I can figure out what’s going on and fix it?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Bluetooth support is hit or miss on Linux with some devices. For example the Apple Magic Trackpad works well on Linux because support for it was added to the mainline Linux kernel a couple of years ago.

Yeah, but the weird thing is that it works in the live USB. I tried to switch kernels but with no luck. Any tips on how to try to fix it?


No one? Isn’t there a way to try to reinstall or restart de Bluetooth module, or do sth about it?


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Does it not connect at all, or it connects, but fails to be registered as a mouse/speaker?