Bluetooth headset with mic does not really work

I bought lately a Soulsens headset, which also has a microfon.
Also 2 bluetooth dongles, what you can set either to send or receive, or, connect a bluetooth device via a cable.
The idea was, since a desktop pc has not really bluehtooth, to have 2 lines, where one is used for sending to the speakers and receive from the mic.
Now i can pair the headset to the ‘send’ dongle, it works fine, but when i turn on additional the ‘receive’ dongle and pair again, it more likely freeze it all.
It look like, bluetooth is not really supported under linux, because when i pair it with my smartphone, anything works, speakers and mic to record something there.
The dongle do not show up also at the bluetooth manager.
Its a no-name brand V5.0 and came only with a short manual, how to press the buttons, but i guess it should work normal with a standard protocol or however it works.
lsusb gives

Bus 001 Device 009: ID e5b7:0811 ZhuHai-JieLi-Technology Wireless Music Adapter

Any chance, that there will be made something like a dummy device, where an adapter get recongnized when its connected via usb and its in send or receive mode? That maybe would help, to make such headsets working, because there are no bluetooth dongles, what send receive at the same time.
And no idea, how it is made on smartphones.

I solved the problem by buying a Tp-link UB500 for 15€.
I had to plug it into an usb-port from the motherboard, not over an usb-hub, and it was found.
After that, i could switch the adapter over to an usb-hub and it was still found.
Pairing the headset then works. It is found by its name, and both is working, the headset and the mic. Tested with 5.15.60

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