Bluetooth Headset Connect

Hello friends, yesterday I was trying to install some program to improve the sound quality of my microphone, and I eliminated some sound package that made my bluetooth unable to connect to my headphones. Then I completely removed the Pulse Audio packages and installed PipeWire. After this I was able to connect my cell phone via bluetooth and even play music from it, but my headphones are still unable to connect. If anyone knows how to solve this problem I would really appreciate it!

Heyo, which kernel are you using?

About all the applications removed and the full switch pulsaudio / pipewire, I’ll let more specialists than me answer.

hi, im using the kernel 5.14.10

I tried with headphones exactly the same as mine, and it connected without any problem. I tried again with my headphones and it tells me it can’t connect. Anyone know what can it be?

Well, if it worked well with the exact same hardware than yours, kernel and drivers are ok.

Thus, I’d suspect a hardware (or connection) issue on your headphone…

Do you know how I can do to solve it? Since the headphones work when I connect them for example to my cell phone

I’ve read another topic about bluetooth issue, that was fixed with 5.15rt kernel.

You can give a try and see if it makes a difference.
In the same time, you could give some information about your system following the instructions there:

I don’t have bluetooth on my laptop, I cannot be very helpful. Maybe @Fabby, @Aragorn, @cscs would know more about it? Or know someone else that could give some tips?