Bluetooth headphones don't work with firefox


Sorry for the major delay. I noticed this a while back but didn’t bother post about it until now. Even after setting my bluetooth headphones as preference in the audio settings they don’t work with firefox. If I watch a youtube video the sound will go through the laptop speakers.

Works fine for everything else after fixing the preference a while back just not firefox. I think I didn’t post about it until because I just used the wire for the headphone jack when watching videos via firefox. I found a thread on the kde community but no workable solution was posted.

If anyone has a solution to this that’d be awesome.

Thanks in advance.


The applications paprefs and pavucontrol may help you.



Around a year ago Firefox 59 and above did and may still require pulseaudio sevice for audio. Look for pulse audio on your system if not install than check sound.


I installed paprefs but I don’t see how it’s any different than the features that are already integrated into Manjaro.

the pulseaudio-bluetooth package is already installed.


If you are using KDE, it may be a longshot, but have you tried firefox-kde-opensuse instead of normal ff ?


Just tried it but same issue.