Bluetooth Connectivity Issue on Keychron K2 Keyboard

Hi, I’m having problem with my Keychron K2 Keyboard when connecting to my laptop via Bluetooth. At first, it will connect successfully but after a reboot or if my keyboard were inactive for some time, it will no longer reconnect to my laptop. Notification keeps popping-up, saying “Connected” then “Disconnected” instantly and it happens again and again. And in bluetooth-manager it says Connection Failed: br-connection-create-socket

So I always have to “remove” then “re-pair” my keyboard again using the bluetooth-manager just to connect my keyboard again. I’ve found similar issue on reddit saying

"I’ve managed to fix it, the hid-Apple module wasn’t loaded in my custom kernel"

However, it’s not clear to me how to “load” the hid-Apple module and I am not sure if this solution will work to me as well, but might as well try. Appreciate the help. Thanks!

Before that, check if it’s loaded in the first place:

$ lsmod | grep hid_apple

if there’s no output, it’s not loaded. Then you can issue:

$ sudo modprobe -v hid_apple

Keychron keyboards do use hid_apple module to work on Linux.

Hi! Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve tried lsmod | grep hid_apple and no output. Then I tried sudo modprobe -v hid_apple and it shows hid_apple 20480 0 I tried to reboot first then reproduce the issue again (connect kb to bluetooth > disconnect > reconnect again). Unfortunately, the same issue still persist and my kb still don’t reconnect automatically.

After installing kernel version 5.19.14-1-MANJARO the problem seems to be fixed. My keyboard connects and reconnects successfully now either after reboot or if my keyboard wakes up from sleep-mode.

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