Blue Snowball not recognized at all

I have a Blue Snowball microphone that seems to not exist at all when connected; it doesn't show up when I do lsusb or dmesg. It's acting like there's nothing there at all. I've tried putting it in different ports, with no luck. All the other topics I found about this issue, their device was at least showing up, but for me it's literally just not there at all. The light on the mic is on, so there's power going to it.

There was a discussion about it in 2016

That mic should work OTB. Make sure you don't use a HUB, and you have a good cable. Try a different kernel: 4.19, 5.1 and 5.2. You can have them all installed and just select them at boot.

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Well, after turning my pc on today, it just started detecting it for no reason even though I didn't do anything lel

Which means it works now

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