Blocking major kernel upgrades (to keep the LTS kernel)


How can I prevent automatic install of the newest kernel?

Hi @Llama,

If I’m right, and there is always the chance that I’m not, the kernel is not part of the normal upgrades. At least, as I understand it, only minor updates will happen, like security- and bugfixes.

It has to up updated seperately and uses sudo mhwd-kernel -i while regular updates are done with sudo pacman -Syu, if I’m correct.

Depends though if you have installed linux-latest or linux-lts, who will update accordingly to the newest kernels.

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Interesting. Didn’t know that. I’ve been using, and prefer it like this, to use the version numbers.

Yes, if you’d used linux-latest some time ago it was set to kernel 5.8. When it was put EOL and removed from Manjaro repos, it was automatically updated to 5.9.
If you want to keep control of which kernel is used, better avoid it.

That, and it kind of forces you to be more involved with what’s going on on your computer. Because, now it’s not a case of set-and-forget.

Yes, all my systems went butter smooth but 5.10 caused a lot of trouble as I can see on the forum.

Yes, I suspect mainly it was caused by people not reading the release notes or such beforehand.

I did, actually, and installed many things, updated many settings and made sure, generally, that everything was ready before doing the reboot. Didn’t just do things automatically, for a change. And it payed off!

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What kind of release notes are you referring to?

@Mirdarthos might be referring to the announcement category where you have all the announcements of updates, depending on which branch you are on (stable I guess: Stable Updates - Manjaro Linux Forum). In that case it is advisable to read through the announcement to get an idea if there might be issues with the update or advice in case some manual intervention is needed.

Thank you @highflyer74! That is exactly what I was referring too!

(Apologies for only answering now.)