Block num and Bluetooth not active on bootup screen (SDDM)

Let say that I post it here on newbie corner because I think mine could be an actual newbie problem.
Basically I'm on KDE, always love KDE, but there are a couple of behavior that I really miss from gnome and that I cannot replicate here. More specifically I think (don't know for sure) if they are behavior of gnome and KDE or from GDM and SDDM but maybe someone could help me understand that too here.
What I miss is that on Gnome (GDM) when boot up and I'm in front of the login screen I've my block num already on and bluetooth active (so I can use the bluetooth mouse I've connected on my laptop); on KDE (SDDM) instead my block num as to be reactivated all the time (I remember that that was an option for have it already on on boot but I cannot find it, has it got removed?) and bluetooth start working only after boot, so if I need to use the mouse I simply cannot, having to use the touchpad and don't really liking it.

There is something I can do to solve it or is simply the state of KDE and SDDM at this time that not permit that?

Thank for the help.

I assume you have tried this

alternatively here

These are the first 2 options when googling:
num lock login screen kde


about numlock --> How To Turn On Num Lock Automatically On Startup In KDE?
about bluetooth, idk, maybe in forum search or some expert will help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

And here I'm! I knew it was very simple but sometimes I get lost in KDE settings! :frowning: had search the forum but probably I've used the wrong keywords, gosh! Thanks a lot. Will see if someone can help with the bluetooth "issue".

I think there is explanation about configuring bluetooth in wiki arch

Auto power-on after boot

By default, your Bluetooth adapter will not power on after a reboot. The former method by using hciconfig hci0 up is deprecated, see the release note. Now you just need to add the line AutoEnable=true in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf at the bottom in the [Policy] section:



Discoverable on startup

If the device should always be visible and directly connectable:


DiscoverableTimeout = 0 Discoverable=true

goodluck :wink:

Mark as solved! Thanks. Will add that only enabling NumLock using KDE settings doesn't give you the activation during login screen, following the Archwiki article posted by @n0ne solved the other part of the puzzle.

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