Blinking screen with Linux 5.9.3

Hello everybody! :smile:

I just updated my laptop running Manjaro GNOME, and I noticed that Linux 5.9.3 was available. So I decided to update the kernel at the same time. Unfortunately, when I restarted my computer, the screen started to blink and some elements were moving by themselves. I restarted the computer again, same problem. The problem disappeared when I put Linux 5.8.1 back on. I also noticed that my Bluetooth mouse stopped working with Linux59.

Here is a video of the problem : swisstransfer[dot]com/d/e98ae728-4de3-4194-8f1b-bb77f9864bd4 (file available 30 days). Boot logs and hardware info are available here : paste.ubuntu[dot]com/p/XSDngbRPgR/.

Replace the [dot] with dots, I can’t send links, my account is probably too new.

Thanking you in advance for your answers :grinning:

I have the same issue, but it is intermittent. Have Acer Laptop HD605 intel graphics. Same issue for Gnome X11 or Wayland.
Workaround - , reboot or close laptop and reopen or goto settings to switch the refresh rate.
5.8 no problems at all.
perhaps 5.9 is incorrectly detecting the refresh rate? or is it a plymouth problem.
I also noticed that on boot, the screen blinks and jumps as I press each key to enter my password on the logon screen.

I guess this must be a 5.9.3 issue

I’ve just looked at this problem again, as Linux 5.8 is EOF, and I’ve changed the refresh rate in the Gnome settings. This seems to fix the problem.