Blender Freezes desktop

Blender frequently freezes my system, it freezes just from clicking anything, i can move the mouse cursor but the desktop seems to be stuck in a frame then i have to log out of my user account from tty, i have an Intel UHD 620 i5 865U and 8GB DDR4 RAM.

Did this problem just happen with blender, or also happen with other 3D software? Have you ever tried to downgrade the kernel, for example, trying some of the 5.4 series kernels?

Blender is quite resource-heavy. The developers recommend a minimum of 16 GiB RAM.

Mmmh, I am running it with 8 GiB and no issues at all. Not doing huge projects though.

Kernel 5.4 stutters randomly for me, Blender was the only software i used.

How is it supposed to crash if the only thing i did was a spiral staircase and a wall (without shadows and textures) and a dynamic sky for lighting.