Blender: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

After running pacman -Syu for a full upgrade, many of my programs now give me this error, like blender and telegram-desktop. So for fun I created a link from to point to (the one that is available in my /usr/lib directory). It works but then another library is out of date and the loop continues fo creating links.

I’m a noob but this surely can’t be the right way to do it, there is bound to be some issues that will crop up eventually. What is the correct approach I should take here?

Are you sure you’re fully up to date? libvpx 1.11.0-1 (provides is in all of our branches.

sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

I appreciate the help Yochanan.

After running the command you supplied it still says the same thing, that it needs the old “” library.

Blender might not have been rebuilt in time against the new libraries. The one in stable is about a month old at this point.

Thanks you Strit. I’m gonna try blender-git. Although, my gimp and telegram-desktop give the same errors so I’m quite confused. Could they all also be out of date?

It was. libvpx 1.11.0-1 was built Oct. 12th, blender 17:2.93.5-7 was built Nov. 5th.

@lucaslinux I’m wondering if you have an AUR / 3rd-party package that’s causing this. What’s the output of the following? It will query what foreign packages you have installed:

pacman -Qm
[lucas@lucas-pc ~]$ pacman -Qm
bauh 0.9.19-1
ckb-next 0.4.4-1
davs2 1.6-7
decklink-sdk 1:12.1-1
ffmpeg-amd-full 4.4-3
flite1-patched 1.4-3
lensfun-git 0.3.2.r2089.gaf416507-1
libklvanc-git r504.a16bbe3-1
libopenaptx 0.2.0-1
libopenmpt-svn 0.6.r15522-1
librist 0.2.4-1
nestopia 1.51.0-1
openh264 2.1.1-1
openttd-openmsx 0.4.0-1
pocketsphinx 5prealpha-10
sfxr 1.2.1-1
shine 3.1.1-2
sphinxbase 5prealpha-11
spotify 1:
uavs3d-git 1.1.r28.g57d2018-1
vo-amrwbenc 0.1.3-2
woeusb-ng 0.2.9-1
xavs 0.1.55-1
xavs2 1.3-2
zoom 5.8.4-1

I had a sneaking suspicion the cause might be an ffmpeg AUR package. Install the ffmpeg repo package and allow it to replace anything conflicting.

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Oh my word you are literally a wizard. It works now! That is so insane, thank you so much! If only one day I can know this much…

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