Blender 3.0 with AMD

Hello, trying to get blender to function properly using AMD
I’m using a 3700x processor and 6700xt graphics card I’ve got the opensource drivers installed.
I’ve attempted to install the Pro render add on inside of blender and everytime blender crashes, I’m not really sure what else I should do and I couldn’t really find anything else online

Blender officially supports only the proprietary drivers from both AMD (for GCN cards: AMDGPU; For pre-GCN cards: ATI) and NVIDIA. After installing the proprietary drivers, one can select the graphics card as a compute device under Edit > Preferences… > System .

Though it looks like it might work with open source drivers if you install opencl-amd from AUR, that’s the package I have to use to get opencl to work with Darktable.

Have you tried running it from the terminal? You may get some error messages.

Blender 3.0 dropped opencl, you now need an RDNA2 card for HIPS.