Blank screen on entering 'Boot'

Hi all.
I am trying to install manjaro KDE but i am stuck with weird Blank screen right after i press enter ‘Boot’ in boot screen.I’m saying it’s Blank instead of black because the monitor receives no input and goes into standby mode.

25sec video:

( sorry about the background sounds :stuck_out_tongue: )

my system information (currently running dual boot - Windows 10 + Kubuntu 18.04 LTS):

z@z-H310M-H:~$ neofetch
        `:+ssssssssssssssssss+:`           z@z-H310M-H 
      -+ssssssssssssssssssyyssss+-         ----------- 
    .ossssssssssssssssssdMMMNysssso.       OS: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS x86_64 
   /ssssssssssshdmmNNmmyNMMMMhssssss/      Host: H310M H 
  +ssssssssshmydMMMMMMMNddddyssssssss+     Kernel: 4.18.14-041814-generic 
 /sssssssshNMMMyhhyyyyhmNMMMNhssssssss/    Uptime: 13 mins 
.ssssssssdMMMNhsssssssssshNMMMdssssssss.   Packages: 3220 
+sssshhhyNMMNyssssssssssssyNMMMysssssss+   Shell: bash 4.4.19 
ossyNMMMNyMMhsssssssssssssshmmmhssssssso   Resolution: 1920x1080 
ossyNMMMNyMMhsssssssssssssshmmmhssssssso   DE: KDE 
+sssshhhyNMMNyssssssssssssyNMMMysssssss+   WM: KWin 
.ssssssssdMMMNhsssssssssshNMMMdssssssss.   Theme: Breeze [KDE], Breeze [GTK2/3] 
 /sssssssshNMMMyhhyyyyhdNMMMNhssssssss/    Icons: Papirus-Dark [KDE], Breeze [GTK2/3] 
  +sssssssssdmydMMMMMMMMddddyssssssss+     Terminal: konsole 
   /ssssssssssshdmNNNNmyNMMMMhssssss/      Terminal Font: Hack 18 
    .ossssssssssssssssssdMMMNysssso.       CPU: Intel i5-8400 (6) @ 4.000GHz 
      -+sssssssssssssssssyyyssss+-         GPU: Intel HD Graphics 
        `:+ssssssssssssssssss+:`           Memory: 2318MiB / 7838MiB 

My motherboard: Gigabyte H310M-H

And yes,I have tried enabling the Legacy mode from bios,still same blank screen :expressionless:

please help!

Try adding some options to grub linux command

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