Blank screen (no graphics) during install & fresh install

Hello! New Manjaro user here, but not new to Linux.

When trying to install Manjaro 20.2.1 (Gnome edition), the installer would not show up. Switching to TTY 3 and back to 2 I would see the mouse cursor for a brief moment, before the screen going black again. I managed to get around this by logging in on TTY2 and restarting GDM. (Had a similar experience a week ago when installing Solus, which I solved by setting GDM to wait a second before starting. If any boot image creators are reading this, you should do that for compatability sake.)

I install Manjaro, reboot, and am experiencing the same problem. This time, however, I cannot login to restart GDM, because this is a fresh install and I haven’t set up my credentials yet. (I wasn’t asked during the install process, which I found odd)

I’m using an AMD GPU (R9 290), so I don’t think it’s a driver issue.

Looking for advice / any idea if there is a default set of credentials I could use to restart GDM. I also read that some people have solved similar black screen issues by setting acpi=false in Grub, but I have a UEFI install, so no Grub :confused:

Booted back into the install USB, mounted my disk, chrooted into it, set root password, rebooted. Now I can restart GDM, but it doesn’t solve the issue :sob:

Found this on reddit (I’m not allowed to post links unfortunately):

Fix was to uncomment the #WaylandEnable=false line in /etc/gdm/custom.conf

I was going to leave a snarky remark about how I feel bad for new Linux users having to deal with such issues, but I'm also the guy who thinks all distros should move to Wayland and focus all development effort on that, so that would be quite the hypocracy XD

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