Blank screen/freeze after lock then login

I just do a update today, after lock the computer, then login again, it just show blank screen. Seem like the system is freeze, bcause no button is working, even power button (normally it will suspend)

Tried to enter console UI instead by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1 until Ctrl-Alt-F6.

Ctrl-Alt-F7 is the usual GUI as I recall.

If the console UI is working (Ctrl - Alt - F1 to 6), this may be a graphics driver issue or some corruption on the X windows server.

Reinstalling X windows server or reverting the graphics driver to the previous version before update from the console UI (use pamac) may solve this issue.

ctrl + alt + f only work at login screen, after login, it just freeze :frowning:
Is there anyway I can force check all the system file
Should be note I was update some default gnome extension that come with manjaro too, is it ok to do that ?

Hi @ForteD,

Have a look here, perhaps it helps in some way: [HowTo] reboot / turn off your frozen computer: REISUB/REISUO

Found out this package make my system freeze after wake up

“That package” is kind of very important. I also have it, and have no freeze ups, or anything of the sort.

Without “this package” you’s have to work permanently in the console or, install Wayland.

Try checking if you have any unmerged .pacnew files and merge them:

sudo DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff

I mean I dont update that package to the version 21.1.2, just keep using the old one 21.1.1
Thanks for the solution, I will try it later after backup the system

Yes, do a backup first. But try to figure out then what’s causing the issue. I’m thinking a .pacnew file, or something.

Good luck, though!

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And how to do a proper backup.

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New xorg-server 21.1.2-2 fixed the issue

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