Blank screen after resuming from hibernate: MSI GS63/GTX1060/460.32.03/5.9.16-1-MANJARO

I have been looking at previous posts about this issue and I’m a bit puzzled as to how to resolve!

When I close my laptop lid, it suspends nicely within 1 or 2 seconds but the screen is just blank when I open the lid to resume. Through reading other posts, I am able to see output displayed if I use an external monitor after I get into this state. The only way to recover is by rebooting the machine which is not ideal.

After resuming from hibernating and using an external monitor, I see that the DISPLAY environment variable is blank.

I am using optimus manager in hybrid mode and the graphics card is a nvidia 1060GTX in a MSi Laptop. Nvidia driver: 460.32.03. I have also tried using just “intel” mode and I still get a blank screen after resuming from hibernation.

I have included logs in case anyone has any tips on what I can do to resolve. For the timebeing, I have disabled suspend,hibernate,sleep features etc.

journalctl covers close laptop lid until resume from hibernation
mhwd -li
inxi -SGxxz

I was thinking of maybe downgrading the nvidia driver to see if I have more luck with an earlier driver, but I’m not sure if I’d also need to downgrade the kernel…

Any suggestions welcome.


So I kept 5.9.16-1 kernel and added the "resume" hook to my mkinitcpio.conf and also added resume=UUID=<uuid of my swap partition to my kernel parameters.

With these changes, I can now hibernate and resume from hibernation ok. I can’t successfully resume from suspend though; still the same symptoms of black screen on primary laptop display but external monitor works ok.

I also tried setting the acpi_os_name kernel parameter to Windows NT, Linux, Windows 2012…etc to see if that might help but it made no difference and I still get the ACPI errors on boot, resume, shutdown.

I guess I have a kind of win here. :confused: