Bladebook review

After the Chemnitz Linux Tage I was asked if a review of the Bladebook was possible. The result of the review was expected and you can read the review below (German).


Good quick review.
The conclusion is that the Bladebook is good enough for its low price tag, with the obvious drawbacks you'd find in most other laptops of its class.
The review also says that a used ThinkPad would be a viable alternative.


And I did make that point in the initial email conversation :slight_smile: - just to keep expectations at the appropriate level.

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I don't feel like I misjudged the device by having too high expectations, I had to point out some of its shortcomings even while being in this price class. I actually liked it for what it is :slight_smile:

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I know - you did not misjudge - it sure has it's shortcomings..

From my understanding of German and I don't require much help in reading - a few words, phrases I need to lookup - you did a fine review - which was spot-on.

So thank you for your nice words. :+1:

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Bladebook looks identical to chinese yepo 737A except for preinstalled manjaro instead of windows 10. There are other near identical ultrabooks like jumper ezbook 3 etc. All of these have nice copper heatsinks and can easily handle TDP limits of 10W instead of 6W for this kind of cpu. This meansCPU throttling will kick in much later and there will be much less stuttering. My yepo even came out of factory with unclocked bios and TDP set to 9W and it can handle it just fine. I don't know about bladebook but in case it lacks bios settings it's still possible to adjust TDP in software.

BTW, I'm curious about stuttering with 1080p60 movies since video playback is hw accelerated and this device should handle even 4k playback smoothly.

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That is no secret - it is :slight_smile: - and it has no Windows license.


Please do share :slight_smile:. I have no idea what you are talking about.

Streaming from youtube in 3K60 and 4K60 is bad and fullscreen 1080p60 seems tolerable. However running in a window seems to be OK. Tried with this

To give you and idea of it I recorded with my phone

Well, there is a windows tool tool that makes it possible to adjust cpu TDP settings in software. It's called RwEverything. Command like this: WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00DD8A00 will set TDP to 10W.

I never said anything about linux but I'm sure there is some sortf of equivalent :wink:

Cool, I will try this videos later on my windows yepo 737A and report back.

Yes, there is "msr-tools" which allows you to write to the model-specific registers.
I use that on my T480s also to increase the TDP-limit.


I have tested your youtube video and it's buttery smooth. Ok, I think I see some micro stuttering in full screen 4k60, but I'm not sure stuttering is really there... Nothing like your samples.

The thing is that in windows you have gpu hw acceleration in almost every browser activated by default.
On linux, you don't have that in FF or Chromium. There is a patched chromium version which has vaapi support though (AUR): chromium-vaapi(-bin). That one should work much better...

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