Black Screen when booting

Hi everyone,

I have a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 and made a switch from Gnome to Xfce some months ago.
Since then, when I boot into Xfce (that is to say when I log into a session just after turning on the computer) I have a simple black screen and a small tab on the upper right of the screen (along with accessibility options and so on). I’m not sure if my question is Xfce related or Boot & UEFI related so I’ll try here first explaining everything.

I wanted to change this and though it was related to Xfce, found online solution that said to go to settings, session and logging, splash tab, and edit like I wish from there. However, there was no such splash tab.

So it seems what I’m looking for has to do with GRUB setups. I installed grub customizer with pacman and tried a custom setup where I simply used a custom wallpaper. It did work, but not like I though it would. This custom wallpaper does show up for a few second before this black logging screen which stayed the same. So I guess I still haven’t found the correct way to edit this.

Has anyone thoughts on how it could be done ?
Thank you very much for your help and accept my excuses if this is not the right category.

Have a nice day !

The only thing I can comment:

:no_entry: Don’t use grub customizer with Manjaro’s grub, it’s highly customized already and using grub customizer has caused big troubles in the past!

The main file to be edited is /etc/default/grub.


Ok thank you for the advice ! Is it safe to simply uninstall it from pacman ?

Note, I’ve decided to uninstall from pacman, I don’t think there was any ‘reset to default’ option in Grub customizer. However, the image i once chose in the setup is still there when I boot. Does this mean customizer changes are still active and that I could be subject to troubles ? If yes is there anything I can do ? Thank you again !


Maybe. Nobody can tell you I guess. You could try to restore all grub files. Problem is that grub could be influenced by files not being deleted by this.