Black screen on wayland using vokoscreen

hi there! i’m new to manjaro, started only last week and enjoying it tremendously. the only problem i encountered is that the screen recorders such as vokoscreen won’t work on wayland. is there any way to switch temporarily to xorg?
thank you on advance,
p.s i’m doing fine with computers but i reckon my skills are inferior to most of yours. so please, try to explain the easy way so a mortal human being such as myself will be able to underhand something as well :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

  • Switch to TTY using Ctrl+Alt+(F2-F6).

  • Login using your ID

  • Execute command STARTX

Thank you! i’ll try it asap!

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ok. i didn’t have time to deal with it yet. when i’ll execute the command, shall i do it without any other text such as sudo for instance?

You don’t need to run it as sudo.

yes. thanks!

so so god. i managed to go to login and used the command startx in low case. but then i didn’t manage to go on. i’ll get back to it later. i believe one reason why it didn’t go so well was the fact that i installed a 4k card and screen subsequently. i’ll get back to it later.

i tried it on my laptop and it works! thanks! the only con i’ve found was that i was unable to open the home directory. other applications did work.
anyway i’m going to make most of the screen recordings with the laptop because of its webcam.
thanks a lot!

You are not able to open home directory or file manager

ok. i guess it’s because i’m logging as a different user.

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