Black screen on installing Manjaro and only working external monitor

Hello everyone, i installed the Manjaro XCFE 20. I disabled the Fast Boot and Secure Boot. But it was not showing nothing on the screen, i was able to see the grub of Manjaro. After hiting on “Install Manjaro” everything was black. Then i connected my external monitor to the laptop (where i am trying to install Manjaro) and shockly it was working only in the monitor, the laptop’s screen was not working. So the problem is i don’t know either there are some missing drivers or my laptop has an issue because it happens to me with every linux distro. And still after installing it, i can just use manjaro on external monitor. I wish i could upload a photo.
Please help. I am using Asus Zenbook UX431FA, Intel UHD 620 graphics. And an i7 8565U processor.


simple question, have you changed the output of your display, such as set to projection, or have you check your display and power settings. the fact that the external monitor works and not the lap display, means the laptop display is set to turn off, do nothing, suspend, or hibernate. check your display settings using the external monitor.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have not changed anything in my laptop settings nor the settings on windows (im using dual boot), and neither changed anything on the bios.
I also have not changes anything on the Manjaro settings.
When i booted the Manjaro for the installation it didnt show on my laptop screen. It was black. Idk why but this idea of connecting it to the external monitor came in my mind and the installation was showing in the monitor. Not in the laptops screen.

Did you install with non-free drivers? Try the free ones, I had similar problem.

I can’t even install the drivers due to that i can’t see the main display. So whenever i can’t even open up a Firefox window. If ido it, it open it in the main screen where i have no access. It is black.