Black screen on igpu with nvidia driver

EDIT: I’m now back with a functioning dgpu but my igpu still doesn’t seem to display anything, i think it might still be an issue with the nvidia driver since the ‘mesa’ drivers are still installed under the package manager, renamed thread to match current problem, see reply for solution to dgpu issues, disregard earlier original post, keeping for context

after the newest update I thought I had properly installed the ‘new’ drivers for both my intel igpu and nvidia dgpu, but upon a restart the igpu (which is the one connected to my display) shows a black screen but the 1660 super i have functioned normally until i thought to remove the nvidia drivers to see if they were causing the issue but that just ended up with the same problem on that card

so now i have two gpus both displaying nothing and scrolling past similar issues hasn’t helped much since the list of commands they give don’t function with, at the very least, my version of mhwd although that might be an issue of kernel parameters, I should mention that the BIOS, grub menu and shutdown / reboot text display perfectly fine, it’s just the desktop that’s not displaying, and I have a live usb that I’ve been trying / failing to troubleshoot the issue with

thank you for your time

Ok, I’ve managed to reinstall mhwd with; sudo pacman -S mhwd-db

which has caused the ‘nonfree’ nvidia driver to reappear under mhwd and i have reinstalled it

see this thread: New NVIDIA drivers are not available in mhwd after update

So… now I’m back where i started with a functioning dgpu displaying the desktop but not the igpu which is better i suppose, I’m going to look into xorg to see if that is what is causing this weirdness

Please post the output of inxi -Gazy and xrandr --listproviders.