Black screen on Budgie Live USB

Hi, i recently bought some new hardware and i wanted to install manjaro budgei edition.
Every time i choose to boot manajaro from live-usb menu i get 'no signal' on my monitor.

My hw: Athlon 200ge, msi b450 a-pro (newest bios)
I used rufus with dd mode to create bootable usb (works good on another pc).
I disabled secure boot, set ahci.
I tried usb 2.0 and 3.0 ports.
I removed 'quiet' from boot args. Tried to change nouveau.modeset and i915.modeset to 0, acpi=off.

I have no other ideas why it doesnt work...

If I'm reading the MSI forum right, this is an MSI/AMD issue.

I was using HDMI whole time, but gonna check VGA

I doesnt work with vga nor dvi. I also tried architect iso instead of budgie. Im going to check this msi forum