Black Screen Issue after new Install

So I just installed Manjaro KDE Plasma today after using Mint for a while. After installing and rebooting I was able to login. I ran the “sudo pacman -Syyu” command and it told me that there was nothing to do. Then I performed another reboot and after POST all I was getting was a blank screen. I went into the BIOS and made sure Secure Boot was disabled and no other boot options were enabled except for Manjaro. I rebooted again and I was only seeing a black screen after POST. I tried to reboot a few more times and finally got the login screen. I searched for an issue and found a similar thread. I found the command “sudo systemctl set-default” and decided to run it. Is this necessary to run after a Manjaro install? So far I’ve rebooted a few times and no more black screen after POST. Thank you in advance for your responses.

I had the same type issue… all I did was change my wifi and the screen went black nothing but a cursor and I still have not got it back working

Looks like my BIOS needed an update. My issue has been resolved now.