Black screen at boot for 1 min before login screen

Well, AppArmor is obviously a problem, as are the flushing of the journal and the mounting of your root filesystem. And they could all be related. :thinking:

Check /etc/systemd/journald.conf and see how much space it is allowed to use. I believe it uses up to 20% of your partition by default, but you can tweak it to maintain a much smaller journal.

On my own system, I have /var as a separate filesystem, and so the default size of my journal is a lot smaller than on yours.

There is literally no limit, we are speaking about #SystemMaxUse right? And I don't get why 0.4 secs is a pb for apparmor, and how could the mounting, journald and a security framework could be related... I mean I trust you but until now I thought I knew a bit how all this mess was working, actually I feel like I was wrong.

Maybe I could post the entire file if you need.

Yes. There is a built-in limit, though. It's a certain percentage of your available space in that partition.

I misread the timestamp on AppArmor ─ my bad. As for how it's related, I have no idea. It's just a gut feeling, because your system log is on your root filesystem. :thinking:

Two things I do know, which is that a TRIM operation on an SSD volume can take a long time, and that the discard mount option may cause the discard to be rejected by the underlying device if too few blocks need to be freed. Most SSDs prefer to collect larger batches of blocks to be discarded all in one go. So that may play into it as well.

You had the discard mount option in place instead of using the timer, and so if journald has to rotate its logs, then that's a large chunk of blocks that needs to be discarded, which it will attempt to do immediately because of that mount option. This may therefore significantly slow down the boot process. :thinking:

Hum alright, I get it now, you know a lot of things ahah, but what I mean by 'no limit' is this

 14 [Journal]                                                                       
 15 #Storage=auto                                                                   
 16 #Compress=yes                                                                   
 17 #Seal=yes                                                                       
 18 #SplitMode=uid                                                                  
 19 #SyncIntervalSec=5m                                                             
 20 #RateLimitIntervalSec=30s                                                       
 21 #RateLimitBurst=10000                                                           
 22 #SystemMaxUse=                                                                  
 23 #SystemKeepFree=                                                                
 24 #SystemMaxFileSize=                                                             
 25 #SystemMaxFiles=100                                                             
 26 #RuntimeMaxUse=                                                                 
 27 #RuntimeKeepFree=                                                               
 28 #RuntimeMaxFileSize=                                                            
 29 #RuntimeMaxFiles=100                                                            
 30 #MaxRetentionSec=                                                               
 31 #MaxFileSec=1month                                                              
 32 #ForwardToSyslog=no                                                             
 33 #ForwardToKMsg=no                                                               
 34 #ForwardToConsole=no                                                            
 35 #ForwardToWall=yes                                                              
 36 #TTYPath=/dev/console                                                           
 37 #MaxLevelStore=debug                                                            
 38 #MaxLevelSyslog=debug                                                           
 39 #MaxLevelKMsg=notice                                                            
 40 #MaxLevelConsole=info                                                           
 41 #MaxLevelWall=emerg                                                             
 42 #LineMax=48K                                                                    
 43 #ReadKMsg=yes

So am I supposed to write a number of bytes or something?

I cannot tell you that from memory. I'm afraid you're going to have to Read The Fine Manual on that. :stuck_out_tongue: It's in there, though. :wink:

man journald.conf
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Alright ahah, I'll check about this, I don't know if it will work but I already can't thank you enough for your time and attention.

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I am so sorry to bother you again... But now this is something else, I feel it's never gonna end. Now lightdm.service takes 55 secs to boot (and I stilll waited more)


My critical-chain looks like this so maybe I am wrong about lightdm? @57.205s
└─ @57.204s
  └─systemd-logind.service @872ms +56.332s
    └─ @56.608s

I am starting to suspect that you may have a hardware problem on your hand, because this kind of randomness just isn't normal anymore. :thinking:

In that case I have no idea what to do lol, I installed arch for speed and light boot ahah (edited last post btw)

Um, wait, this is an Arch system? :confused:

This is Manjaro i3 community edition, so no it is basically just Manjaro but I saw Manjaro was based on Arch so that's why I said that

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