Black screen at boot after failed update (keyring issues)

I used a live usb to install manjaro, and it worked. I then updated the packages that needed it, and then i got a prompt saying there were a bunch of errors with the keyrings
It said i needed to restart to finish installing the updates, and now when i try to boot into manjaro, i get an all black screen

The reason i reinstalled was because the version of manjaro i had on my system previously gave me the black screen after downloading a program which told me to restart to finish installing

Is anyone else having this problem?

It seems to be a kernel issue, using a previous kernel version work perfectly

The text of the errors are needed always to see what was the cause. You maybe using an old live USB and the keys are old. I suggest you use newest live images always.

I downloaded a fresh iso to flash on to the usb im pretty sure, but i could be wrong
Booting from the usb works perfectly, it was only after the updating everything did i get the void

Just be sure to follow the proper instructions

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