Black screen after updates - error: file 'initramfs-6.5-x86_64.img' not found - BIOS complication?

In the middle of running the latest updates yesterday my system ran out of memory, I guess, and kicked me out to the login screen. It was as if I had pressed ctrl+alt+backspace. I logged back in to close down some persistent things and then went for a reboot. It was then that I was confronted by this scary message, with no access to the login screen.

Reading through some threads it seems like the solution is not too difficult, using “chroot”.

Of note, I have a LUKS encypted installation, and I’m not sure if I have a swap partition or not. When I looked in GParted there didn’t seem to be one. There was sda2 and no sda3. Also my system is a non-UEFI system, from 10+ years ago, it has a BIOS. I don’t know if this effects the process or not.

If I don’t have a swap do I just leave out the line about the swap?

Thanks for the help.

Hi @Woods_Walker, and welcome!

That error is because the selected kernel isn’t found. It was likely removed because it became EOL and thus is no longer supported.

While I have absolutely NO experience with any disc encryption, I can point you here, it should help:



Thank you for the links, I will read through them.

I have updated my title to include the accurate message about the missing kernel -

error: file ‘initramfs-6.5-x86_64.img’ not found. Press any key to continue …

Then the kernel must be reinstalled.
Boot from Manjaro USb stick and chroot into the system.

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Exactly as I said. You’ll need to chroot into your system and reinstall your kernel…

Considering it want:

…And version 6.5 is not EOL yet - I use it myself, so I know - it seems the update was interrupted somehow, somewhy. So I’m thinking especially my second link:

…would be applicable in this case.


Alright, I’m back from being elbow deep, and here’s what happened when I ran option No. 5:

sudo su -
cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 ssd
mount /dev/mapper/ssd /mnt
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi
manjaro-chroot /mnt

pacman -Syyu

pacman -Sy manjaro-keyring
pacman -Sy manjaro-system
pacman -Syyu

No Dice!

I get the same hang after typing the crypt password. There is a message about irq interrupts, but that has pretty much always been there. The system is unresponsive at this point.

The errors say something along the lines of:

0.000000___common_interrupt: 2.55 No irq handler for vector

with numbers afterwards being 4.55, 1.55, 3.55, and 5.55.

You didnt (re)install a kernel.
(ex: sudo pacman -Syu linux65)

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Installing the kernel did finally work! :star_struck:
And it doesn’t seem like there has been any destruction! :grinning:

Many thanks!

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