Black screen after new stable update

Today just installed new stable update from add/remove software, rebooted the system. After login all i see is black screen and mouse cursor. I tried to remove nvidia module and install it again but didn’t work. Default driver was on nvidia not nouveau. I tried many topics here but still the same.

Gpu: 1050 ti
Driver version: 470
Kernel: 5.10

  • Print this page so you have it as a reference while in TTY2

  • Log off

  • Switch to TTY2 by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2

  • Log in there

  • Execute:

    sudo mhwd-kernel --install linux54
    sudo mhwd --install pci video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime
  • to ensure grub is showing, execute:

    sudo nano --backup /etc/default/grub
  • Change (or add?) the following 3 lines:


    (3 or higher is fine, add the # before the lines above if those lines are present)

  • Ctrl+X Y Enter to save if there is anything to save

  • If you did save, execute:

    sudo update-grub
  • Reboot

  • Go to grub’s Advanced options

  • Choose all of the kernels you’ve got installed one by one and try them out one by one and see if that helps.