Bizarre screen artifacts on Brand-new RX580

I’ve recently bought and installed an AMD RX580 Graphics Card and I’ve been experiencing some strange artifacts that result in a crash semi-randomly.

At first it was only on loading screens while i was playing Pathfinder Kingmaker, but then, when I tried to launch Death Stranding the same problem occured. I had this problem with the latest versions of Pop_Os and Linux Mint too, although it was much more severe, with the crashing+artifacts ocurring while using the system normally. I’m currently using the LTS version of Pop, but I had the same issues with the latest version too. Some games can be played without problems though. I’ve played Tabletop Simulator and Fallout 1 on steam without any issues.

Weird thing is, I later installed Windows so I could check if the problem was the card itself and it worked fine, never had any problem for several months. That said, I don’t want to use Windows anymore, so I need help in solving this issue.

Here’s a link to images of the artifacts: imgur dot com/a/1LWCGt7 (for some reason i cant put links in the post so i did this little workaround)

Also, heres the rest of my hardware, if that helps:

GPU: Gigabyte RX580 Gaming 8GB

CPU: Ryzen 5 3400G

Motherboard: Asus EX-A320M-Gaming

RAM: 2x XPG Spectrix D41 TUF RGB 8GB

PSU: Corsair VS650 650watt

Case: PCyes White Tiger, 2 regular fans

I have no idea how to proceed or what may be causing this issue, any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time