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Greetings to the community, I have had problems with Bitwarden for a long time since the version in the official Manjaro repos, according to the Bitwarden developers it is a problem in the current version that is in the repos and they have released a new update to correct it a long time ago. For a while, will the team be able to upload this new version of Bitwarden to use again? I am currently using the Flatpack version that works correctly.

If you have any questions from github, contact the developers, follow the link here:

That issue was reported fixed in version 2023.9.3, which has been available in the Manjaro stable repo since the 2023-11-06 update. The latest 2023-11-13 stable channel update brings Bitwarden up to 2023.10.1.


There is no mention of Bitwarden 2023.10.1 in the Stable Update 2023-11-13 announcement.

None of the announcements mention every package.

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Different overlay package(s) in repository extra x86_64
PACKAGE           2023-11-06          2023-11-13
bitwarden         2023.9.3-0          2023.10.1-0


What is the best way to get a listing of all packages specific to this (or any) update? I thought there might have been some way to filter at least the highlights via (would have been handy), but apparently not. GitLab it is, then. :wink:

Thanks for the response, but Cscs had it covered. :wink:

The archive (MLA) is probably the only thing that would make sense.

It would be the only thing categorizing updates by date.
Otherwise … its just packages that get updated at X time, as far as ALPM is concerned there arent ‘releases’ that are timestamped and bundled with all the updated packages.

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Thank you very much for the answers, just recently with the update the version with the Bitwarden correction was released, updated and already installed and already working again. I thank the Manjaro team for being one step ahead.

New version installed: 2023.10.1

2023.10.1. works here without any problems. KDE Plasma stable

sorry, too late … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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