Bitwarden flatpak not showing in Pamac

I just did a fresh install and when I try to install bitwarden, I can see the official and snap version. I don’t see the flatpak version. I can install it in the terminal.

Do you have pamac-flatpak-plugin installed?

If yes, are flatpaks enabled in Pamac preferences?

yes to both

it’s just that app. I have the rest with no problem.

You can see other flatpaks in Pamac?

Odd. Can you check again and search Bitwarden in Pamac? I’m not in front of my PC, can’t remember if there is a sorting by type (AUR, snap, flat, Manjaro repo).
Maybe the flatpak is underneath, not close to the official and snap version.

I did sort it by flatpak and it does not show. neither is it showing in other categories.

Indeed, I can see other flatpaks in Pamac, Bitwarden is listed on Flathub website, but no trace of it in Pamac , only official, snap and AUR.

I guess there is a problem upstream in Flathub, concerning the retrieval of this package in Pamac :man_shrugging:

i filed a bug report on gitlab