Bitmap fonts render as blocks

Just installed Manjaro XFCE edition. The Terminus font v4.47 was installed by default, but it renders as blocks. I installed the Tamsyn font but it also renders as the same blocks. I saw that the 75-accept-terminus.conf file is already present. I've also removed the 70-no-bitmap-fonts.conf file and also symlinked the 70-yes-bitmaps.conf file in conf.d but have had no luck.

I have never experienced this issue on any other distro running XFCE. What am I doing wrong?

Did you have a chance to look at the latest '[Stable Update] 2019-08-01' post? ([Stable Update] 2019-08-01 - Kernels, fpakman, Firmware, KDE-Git, Browsers, Java, XFCE 4.14-pre3, Haskell). It mentioned an issue that sounds similar to yours. I recommend you take a look at the 'Known issues and solutions' section in case there is something relevant there.


Thank you so much, your suggestion was spot on!

I was able to downgrade pango to version 1.43 using the downgrade command and this seems to have fixed the issue.

In case someone else stumbles upon this issue, here is some information:
[Stable Update] 2019-08-01 post:

Gnome gitlab:

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