Bitlocker Encrypted Windows Drive

Hey guys,
I’m having issues decrypting and mounting my Bitlocker encrypted C: drive. I’ve read a bunch of forum pages and stuff saying i have to use dislocker to decrypt, but even so I’m still having issues.

Using the command: sudo dislocker
[CRITICAL] Unable to grab VMK or FVEK. Abort.
[CRITICAL] None of the provided decryption mean is decrypting the keys. Abort
(cant remember this line, but something about a double free)

This error appears if I use both my Windows password, or my long recovery key.
I’m not on Linux at the moment, so the output is mostly from memory, but should be accurate.

I’ve seen that I can click on the encrypted drive in the devices section in the file system, but when it asks for a password, nothing works.

Thanks for any help!!

There is a reason for the error message. I have no knowledge on bitlocker but a couple of guesses include

  • Windows fastboot
  • Windows hybrid sleep
  • Filesystem needs repair (In Windows something like this chkdsk /F C:)

Hey thanks for the reply,
I have no access to fast boot on my BIOS/UEFI FOR whatever reason, it just isn’t there in the boot menu, but I have made sure to properly shut down windows using shift+power off (hopefully that’s the proper way to do it), so it probably isn’t a hybrid sleep issue.

I’ll get back to you on the repair part though, away from the computer at the moment.