BioShock Infinite issues: Should I download all nvidia stuff from Hardware Configuration?

Hi! (Newish to Linux)

Was just wondering about whether I should, or need, to install all the other nvidia stuff from the “Hardware Configuration” application.

Played a bit of Bioshock Infinite just to try it out and everything worked well, I guess? I set everything to high and much of the it worked and loaded in but from time to time I’d turn around and see a wall that didn’t load in properly or when I looked at something from a certain angle it would load in, then back to blurry again if I walked away.

Right now the only thing that is marked “installed” is video-nvidia.

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That’s the proprietary NVIDIA driver, that’s you need for gaming. The others are different drivers, you can’t have more than one installed at the same time.

Aha, thanks!

But is there some way of configuring my installation some more to make, for example, BioShock run smoothly without having to see graphics sometimes loading and other times not?

Are you using steam or lutris or wine? If your using steam then try a different version of proton, Proton GE can make a difference. If using lutris there’s a few things you can tweak, toggling on gamemode can help with any throttling going on. There’s far more experienced gamers than me though that can give better tips

I launched it through steam and used some custom proton version from GloriousEggroll on GitHub. I should probably try disableing that first before complaining about graphical issues :sweat_smile:
I haven’t tried lutris yet but I got that, wine, gamemode and lib32gamemode installed.

Anyway, thanks :grin:

FYI, BioShock Infinite is native. :wink:

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